Commodities Trading

The FxPlayer Trader platform offers investors the opportunity to trade Gold Spot (XAUUSD), Silver Spot (XAGUSD), Copper Futures, Crude Oil Futures (USOil) and Brent Crude Oil Futures (UKOil)

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Trade Metals


Investing in precious metals can be done either by purchasing the physical asset, or by purchasing futures contracts of the particular metal. Another way to gain investment exposure to precious metals is to purchase shares in publicly traded companies that deal in the exploration or production of precious metals, such as a gold mining company.


Investing in Gold and other precious metals has been attracting a lot of attention lately. Gold has been the universal symbol of wealth for civilizations throughout the ages. Gold is a popular metal and attracts most of the press, but it isn't the only metal out there to invest in. After the US turmoil investors seek alternative metals such as Silver and Copper, and use them as safe heaven products which increased liquidity and growth for these products rapidly.

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Trade Oil

Crude Oil

Like every commodity, crude oil has its own ticker symbol, contract value and margin requirements. To successfully trade a commodity, you must be aware of these key components and understand how to use them to calculate your potential profits and loss.


Commodities are traded based on margin, and the margin changes based on market volatility and the current face value of the contract.


Futures contracts for crude oil are traded at the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX), Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), Dubai Mercantile Exchange (DME), Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX), India's National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange (NCDEX) and the Tokyo Commodity Exchange (TOCOM).