ActTrader combines power and efficiency with streaming two-way prices and fast trade execution. High quality charting and up-to-the minute news are both included in the platform. The Internet Currency Trading System is a combined interface that allows users to monitor the market and engage in online trading. The interface is divided into several functional windowsthat display information and provides access to specific functions relating to viewing, processing, initiating, and responding to activity on the trading system.

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A strong and reliable platform

Tabbed Windows

It is now possible to group multiple windows into a single, tabbed window. This can save a lot of screen space, giving you great freedom in setting up your workspaces.

Windows-style top menu

The application interface utilizes a standard Windows-style top menu, which provides intuitive access to interface-specific functions, including display styles, reports, communication information, etc.

Account Information Bar

A new Account Information bar allows traders to view their account information and select the active account, no matter which workspace is currently active.

Reports Window

Reports window of ActTrader allows to run the Trading Statistics and Account Statement reports inside the trading application without opening a web browser.

Trading Statistics Report

This new report shows a set of statistics for all trades completed during the report period on an account or a set of accounts.

Dealing Rates Windows

Dealing Rates and Individual Rates windows have a new style and new functionality. All dealing rates now include a miniature tick chart, giving you an at-a-glance look at the instrument's recent performance/volatility.

New Options When Creating Conditional Orders

When creating conditional orders, you can now define your order in terms of distance from the market price, as well as projected profit/loss. This is very convenient when setting up stop/limit orders, for example, as you can now configure the order based on the projected profit of the position.

Organize Managed Accounts Window

Traders, who have more than one account, can now administrate their own managed accounts from this new window.

Lock All Accounts

Available to traders who have more than one account, this feature allows them to keep all their accounts selected in the Account Information window indefinitely.