Trading Hours

The FxPlayer Ltd trading and support are available during the operating hours descripted in the below table:

Opening Times

London (GMT) Sunday 22:00

Tokyo (GMT+9) Monday 07:00

New York (GMT-5) Sunday 17:00

Hong Kong, Signapore (GMT+8) Monday 06:00

Sydney (GMT+11) Monday 09:00

Dubai (GMT+4) Monday 02:00

Closing Times

London (GMT) Friday 22:00

Tokyo (GMT+9) Saturday 07:00

New York (GMT-5) Friday 17:00

Hong Kong, Signapore (GMT+8) Saturday 06:00

Sydney (GMT+11) Saturday 09:00

Dubai (GMT+4) Saturday 02:00

Market Hours

View which market are open at any time from Sydney, Tokyo, London and New York.

Market Hours

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